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Quality Services For Chain Link Fence in Grande Prairie

Priority Chain Link Fence Ltd

Your property is one of your most significant investments, and you should have the right fence to make it more secure and enhance its look. At Priority Chain Link Fence Ltd., we offer a comprehensive range of chain link fences in Grand Prairie and other products including:

Although we offer various fencing solutions, what remains consistent is our quality. Since our start in 2004, we have striven to offer our customers the chain link fences in Grande Prairie at a competitive price and an installation quality that is hard to match. We specialize in all types of fences in Grande Prairie that surrounding residents require and have solutions for your specific application. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss our products.

What is Chain Link Fencing?

A chain link fence is a popular type of fence which we manufacture from galvanized steel. It has a zig-zag wire pattern, which has made names such as chain wire fence, wire mesh fence, and rhombic mesh fence popular alternatives. It includes rails, fittings, posts and other similar hardware, which supports a chain link mesh that goes over it. Chain link fences are incredibly versatile fencing options that come in different materials. 

Some common uses of chain link fences include:

  • Home perimeters: chain link fences prevent children and pets from leaving your yard and deter intruders.

  • Schools: These fences can keep sporting grounds such as tennis courts, basketball courts and soccer fields safe for passersby and players.

  • Business perimeters: chain link fences protect your property, equipment, products and personnel.

  • Commercial dog kennels: You can use chain link fences to create enclosures for different-sized dogs.

Would you like to know more about the uses of our chain link fences in Grand Prairie and whether they're suitable for your property? Please reach out to us. We can also provide you with automated gate operators.

Benefits of Chain Link Fences

Are you not confident about installing a chain link fence on your property? We've compiled a list of some of the many benefits that they offer:


  • Cost-effective: chain link fences are cost-effective and affordable without compromising on security. They're incredibly durable but are available at cheaper rates than their counterparts.

  • Low-maintenance: chain link fences don't have any moving parts, so they're easy to maintain. If they suffer damage, we can cut and repair them.

  • Security: chain link fences provide a stable front line of defence against potential intruders and prevent your children and pets from running into the street. They can withstand substantial force and extreme weather conditions.

  • Versatility: You might associate chain link fences with the traditional steel colour, but they're available in numerous style and colour options, adding to the curb appeal of all properties.

Would you like to discuss the benefits of our chain link fences in Grand Prairie in more detail? Please speak to us. We can also provide you with recreational fencing.



Get cost-effective protection and security for your property, pets, and children.



Need a heavy-duty fence solution? We've got an array of products for businesses and industries.


Enhance Your Security

We offer a wide range of chain link fence options that can help improve your home's or business's security.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, we've provided reliable fences to countless clients. Those who choose our services have numerous benefits to enjoy, including:


We have more than 15 years of experience in providing dependable fencing services.

Customized solutions

We offer a hands-on approach to every client to provide individualized solutions.

Licensed services

We hold a valid certificate and adhere to a safety program that is second to none.

Great customer services

We treat your needs like our own and are always transparent about our prices and services.

Contact Us

Our team offers a wide variety of fence styles to fit our customers' needs, ranging from residential fences to industrial, commercial, oilfield and everything in-between. We maintain a stocked yard of products to serve both the do-it-yourselfer and the supply-and-install customer. Please get in touch with us if you require a fence for your property in Grand Prairie.


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