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Dependable Residential Fencing in Grande Prairie

Priority Chain Link Fence Ltd offers a wide variety of products for your residential fencing needs in Grande Prairie. We have various sizes and colours and also offer privacy slats for your convenience. Request a free estimate and let us customize a solution for your property!

Among our residential fencing products are the following:

  • 2' to 8' high fences

  • Posts are cemented

  • 11 gauge galvanized chain link

  • 9 gauge coloured vinyl chain link

  • Privacy slats available – 85% or 95% coverage

  • Custom-sized gates available

Priority Chain Link offers custom residential fencing services at competitive prices across Grande Prairie. We assess your property and provide fencing according to your requirements (in terms of size, colour and material).

Added Security

Homeowners usually worry about the curb appeal of the house along with ensuring complete protection. If your priority is to keep intruders at bay and still retain the aesthetics of your property, here are a few tips on how to keep your family safe:

  • Opt for a strong fence: Decide whether you want go for a vinyl fence or a chain-link fence. Create a physical barrier along the sidewalk of your property blocking the access to your house.

  • Anti-climb fence topper: Installing fence toppers is one of the most effective ways to deter or obstruct intruders from climbing your fence.

  • Plant thorny bushes: Homeowners can enhance the security of the property by planting thorny bushes along the fence. Different types of plants such as holly hedge plants, berberis red leaf hedge or hawthorn hedge can be planted to deter unwanted guests.


Get an Estimate

If you are looking for residential fencing services in Grande Prairie, contact Priority Chain Link Fence. Get an estimate for your property from our representatives. We also provide fencing services for commercial and industrial properties.

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