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Automatic Gate Opener Services in Grande Prairie

No matter what style of gate or fence separates your home or business from the outside world, Priority Chain Link Fence Ltd. in Grande Prairie offers automatic gate openers of all kinds to suit your needs. With an automated gate operator, the convenience for you and your family or staff increases, while the amount of unwelcome trespassers decreases. Let us be your gate keeper!

A reliable security system is crucial to the safety and protection of a business or institution. The first line of defense in any security system begins with the fundamental physical entry point. After installing your residential, commercial, or industrial fencing, consider the importance that a gate provides. A safe gate that only opens for those with specific access rights not only provides physical security, but the peace of mind knowing that your property is safe even when you’re not there.

Quality Automatic Gate Openers in Grande Prairie

A typical gate operator can consist of several moving parts depending on what style of automatic system you decide upon. Know exactly what is involved and what is available when making the decision whether a gate operator is right for your property:

  • Access Controls – An access control device can be a card reader, fob scanner, or key pad to enter an entry code PIN. This is your access point for your gate and quite possibly the most important part of your security system.

  • Barrier Arm – Regulate the entry and exit of your parking lot with an automated barrier arm tower. The timed arm allows vehicles to pass through in determined intervals. 

  • Perimeter Alert Systems – Know when individuals or vehicles approach your property with these detection units. This way you or your security staff can stay informed and anticipate potential visitors or threats.

  • Radio Controls – Allow tenants or staff at your gated community or commercial building to access the gate remotely. Property managers can allow multiple access points with a single remote control solution.

  • Slide Operators – These operators are dedicated to automatically opening your heavy sliding gates that rest on wheels.

  • Swing Operators – These operators are dedicated to automatically opening swinging fence gates.

Take your security system to the next level with a gate operator from Priority Chain Link Fence. Monitor and control all access to your home or property to keep you and your assets safe and secure.

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Are you looking for a reliable automatic gate opener in Grande Prairie? Call Our Team at Priority Chain Link Fence to learn more about products and services we offer.

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